There may come a time when your small business has to deal with the dreaded internet troll. An internet troll is someone who may have had a negative experience with your company, and they take their grievances to the internet by posting inflammatory statements or starting arguments on your social media sites. They may even post things that have nothing to do with your business, just in an attempt to get a rise out of you or your followers.

The Best Way to Cope With an Internet Troll

No one likes dealing with internet trolls. It seems like these types of people are simply out to ruin your day, not to mention your good name. However, the quicker you address the situation, the better.

Respond as soon as possible to whatever complaint or negative comment a troll has, just like you would with any other negative online review. Be as professional as you can, no matter how unjust you feel their comments are. Sometimes, it’s best to admit you may be at fault to try to pacify the troll. Then, try to get the conversation offline.

Sometimes, though. those internet trolls can simply be relentless. There may come a time when it’s best to stop responding altogether. Often, internet trolls get a lot of gratification from pushing your buttons and are just looking for attention. If they still won’t give up, report them to the social media platform they’re using. Social media sites are taking internet trolls a lot more seriously these days, and will take action to get them blocked from your page.

To learn more about dealing with internet trolls, check out our podcast on this very topic:

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Original podcast show notes: Dealing with trolls can be tricky, and if you and your small business haven’t had to deal with any, consider yourself lucky. Today Liz goes over a few tips to deal with these pests on the internet.

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