In the digital business age that we live in, blogging has become a valuable marketing tool that businesses have at their disposal.

You can use blogs to engage, educate and update your current clients as well as the general public. Blogs can serve as a vehicle to demonstrate your expertise as the “go-to-guy” in your industry.

If you’re still unsure if blogging is a good way to build your business, here are four signs it’s time to change your thinking.

1. You don’t rank high on search engines.

Seventy-five percent of web searchers don’t bother to click to the second page of search results. If you do not appear on the first page of search engines like Google, chances are potential clients won’t visit your website.

Blogs are fuel for search engine optimization (SEO.) If you can create high quality, relevant and original content, search engines will reward you for it. As business owners, we should all be able to develop useful content about the industry we serve. Check out this post with ideas on how to brainstorm content.

If you’re not comfortable writing your own blog posts, then consider hiring a professional to help communicate your expertise.

2. Potential customers don’t view you as an expert resource in your industry.

Six out of 10 people conduct research for a week or more before making a purchase decision. That means people are looking for the best possible provider of the solution to their need – an expert.

If your website doesn’t demonstrate that you’re an expert in your field, why would a potential customer trust you? A blog demonstrates credibility, builds relationships and will establish you as a reliable resource for information on your industry.

3. Your website doesn’t generate phone calls.

A recent study showed that businesses that blog have 434% more indexed pages. And companies that have more indexed pages get far more phone calls and leads.

Think of an indexed page as one that has been flagged by search engines for having unique, relevant content on a given subject.  I’ve you’ve been flagged, you’re more likely to appear near the top of search results.

Blogging is a great way to get pages indexed. This visibility will help drive more traffic to your website pages.  With more traffic, you’ll generate interaction, leads and eventually sales.

If you don’t know if your website is generating phone calls, check out our article about measuring return on investment (ROI) with tracking phone numbers.

4. You have minimal traffic coming to your website.

Businesses that blog get 55% more website traffic. So if you want to generate more leads and increase your sales, you better start blogging.

The bottom line is you need to become more visible online. The more visible you become, the more likely your website will be visited by your clients and potential customers.

Blogs are a cost-effective marketing investment. Each blog post you publish becomes a long-term asset that will promote your expertise and your business.

So if you don’t have a blog yet, now is the time to start one. Check out this blog article to learn more about how to write awesome blog content.

Have more questions about blogging for your business? Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to respond!

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