Some deals are just too good to be true.  Like getting your website’s SEO in order for a mere $59! That’s one of the offers that was emailed to me a few weeks ago.

Trust me, I wish it was that easy!  But it’s not.  Search Engine Optimization takes time. It involves hours of work to get your website in order – keyword research, writing new content, etc.

Plus there’s an external component to SEO – building directory listings, guest blogging and so much more.

Like I said, I wish SEO was easy but it’s an investment even for a basic SEO program.  So you can hit “delete” or “spam” the next time one of these emails makes its way to your inbox.  Remember to do your homework and work with a local company who understands your business and your market.

You can listen to the full episode below for all our insight on SEO email spam.

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Show notes: Is it possible to get your SEO in order for $59? You’ve probably received emails promising amazing results at rock bottom prices. Today we share some telltale signs that the SEO email you just received is junk.

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