Today, more and more small business are utilizing brand ambassadors as a means of spreading the word about their products or services. A brand ambassador is an unpaid volunteer who fully believes in your company and embodies your identity and values, and wants to help promote how wonderful your business is. While they don’t get paid, they do often receive “swag” or discounts for their efforts.

The Benefits of Using Brand Ambassadors

If you aren’t sure why your company should use brand ambassadors, here are just a few good reasons for your consideration:

Create social buzz about your business. Brand ambassadors use their social networks to spread the word about your company’s products and services. Because a brand ambassador often starts off as a satisfied customer, they can help build a great reputation about your business – and get others excited to try your products, too.

Increase your social reach. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for business pages to gain the same amount of impressions and engagement on their social posts as it was just a few years ago, due to all the ongoing algorithm changes Facebook implements regularly. Brand ambassadors can reach far more people on their social media platforms than your business page will, especially if you aren’t spending thousands of dollars to boost your posts.

Humanize your brand. Potential customers are offered the opportunity to see real people using your products or services in their everyday lives. Basically, they allow people to see that your products work the way your company promises.

Drive more traffic to your website. Of course, driving traffic to your website that can turn into potential leads and customers is any small business’s goal at the end of the day. Brand ambassadors often have their own blogs, which they can utilize to review your products and services, which in turn can include links right back to your own website.

Curious to learn more about brand ambassadors? Check out our recent podcast on this very topic!

Original podcast show notes: One of the quieter but not so secret things small businesses are using to promote themselves is using brand ambassadors. Today Sandro goes over what a brand ambassador is and what the benefits of using one (or several) can be.

Editor’s note: This episode was recorded under our previous brand. You can find us now at Liz and Sandro’s Marketing Podcast.