It’s no secret that consumers consistently turn to the internet when they have a legal situation.  Three out of every four people looking for an attorney use online resources.  The challenge for elder law firms is remaining visible on the internet so they can capture leads and convert the best ones into clients.

Traditionally, elder law firms have grown the practice through referrals, word-of-mouth, informational seminars and perhaps advertisements in local print publications.  And while these are great tools for growing the business, they don’t have the same reach as the internet does.

That’s why it’s imperative to have a solid digital marketing strategy that helps attract your ideal clients to the business.

What is inbound marketing for law firms?

Inbound marketing is going to bring major changes to the way law firms acquire clients. It includes many of the digital tactics you’re familiar with – blogging, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media marketing.  But quite often, these actions are disjointed and there is no real way to measure success.

That’s why law firms need a proven system that integrates all these activities, ensures visibility, tracks progress and helps you land the best (i.e. – most profitable) clients.

This is exactly what inbound marketing does. It’s a methodology where you attract potential clients to your business with educational content.   You begin to interact with them as they are making a decision about which law firm to hire.  Leads are nurtured through the buyer’s journey, and you continually position you and your firm as the expert resource.

Not every lead is a good fit for your business, so you focus on securing the clients and cases that are best for your firm.  And you delight them with excellent service and establish an ongoing relationship that helps build your law firm’s brand.


Ultimately, you’re creating a remarkable experience for prospects and clients that matches how they want to buy.  The end result is more business for your firm.

The mistakes many firms make with their marketing

Many firms don’t consider the fact that they need to nurture leads.  It sounds so “sales-y” and that’s not something that many business owners like.

But the fact is, you’re not going to land a new client the first time they click on your website.  Eighty percent of consumers use the internet as a research tool before making a decision.  So once you capture a leads’ contact information, follow-up is key.

Many firms also don’t consider how important it is to delight their customers once the work is complete.  We can be so focused on finding the next client that we forget about keeping our past clients informed and happy.

They can be a great source of referral business, and inbound marketing uses the internet to amplify their voice and make sure you continue to remain visible.

How is this different from the internet marketing that you’re already doing?

You might be wondering how this is different from the campaigns you’re already running.  One of the key components to an inbound strategy is what we call marketing automation.

Using a marketing automation tool will help you prioritize and execute your marketing tasks in a more streamlined and efficient way.  It doesn’t mean you can “set it and forget about it!”  But it makes conversion and closure much more effective.

Automation is important because in any given month you might be nurturing many leads.  Check out the number of searches for elder law near Chicago.


As you capture some of this traffic, you won’t have time to communicate with each lead directly – nor do you want to!  The system will help filter out the poor leads so you can focus on the best ones.

There are many marketing automation tools available, but we recommend HubSpot.

Inbound marketing is an ideal way to capture internet traffic, convert it into leads and ultimately grow your business. It will require a major shift in how you approach your marketing, but if you’re serious about growing your elder law practice, then you definitely need to consider this approach.

Have more questions about marketing your elder law firm?  Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to respond.

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