A recent survey from Symantec Corp. reported that mishaps on social media can cost employers close to $4 million per year. The study cites reductions in stock price, litigation costs and a damaged reputation. Corporate social media policies have been debated for years, but according to the article they are rarely enforced.

Every business is different, but one of our overarching rules with social media is not to post anything negative!  A few other points from our social media policy include:

  • Don’t lie or misrepresent the organization.
  • If you say something in error, do not take down the post.  Go back and update it with the correct information.
  • Be respectful; Don’t spam or argue.
  • Use common sense and common courtesy. If in doubt about something, don’t post it.
  • Be helpful and offer insight, but don’t share confidential information.
  • Don’t swear.
  • Do not comment on any legal matters or litigation.
  • If the topic is one of crisis, do not comment until a plan of action is in place.

Building visibility on the internet will bring traffic, leads and sales to your business.  It might also bring some negativity. If you are concerned about negativity on social media, check out this article we recently published.