If marketers and small business owners are looking for guidance on how information is spread across social media platforms, they need to look no further then AddThis and their Year-End Social Sharing Trends of 2011 Report.

AddThis is a sharing platform used by more than 11 million sites and 1.2 billion users. You probably noticed the phrase “AddThis” when you went to share a news story on Facebook, Twitter or one of the countless other social media websites. With that much reach, AddThis can provide a relatively clear picture of how information is shared across the internet.

Small business owners (especially B2C) should take note that Facebook accounts for 52 percent of sharing on the internet according to AddThis statistics. Further below that is Twitter, accounting for 13 percent of internet sharing. Although Google+ had a great year, Google sharing has declined by eight percent even with the +1 button. Digg and MySpace fared even worse, experiencing declines upward of 45 percent.

What does this mean for companies? Building your presence on Facebook still demands your attention.

Create a strategy where you provide useful content to your followers and encourage them to share it with their followers.

And I’m not just talking about creative status updates. Spend time developing relevant blog content, e-books and videos that communicate your key message. Remember, social media is the vehicle but content is still king.

2012 will undoubtedly bring a new group of social media websites to our attention. We’ll continue to explore their success and report back to you here on our blog.

Happy New Year!