Quality stock images help take your marketing to the next level. Sure, custom or original photography is always ideal but it may not be an option. Or you may need a graphic/image much faster than the time it would take to coordinate a photo shoot with a professional photographer.

That’s why websites like Libre StockiStock, and Deposit Photos are so helpful. But finding the right stock images does take some time. I provide a few tips in the podcast (you can listen below.)

Also, remember that you cannot simply go to Google and pull any random image and use that in your marketing.  Many of those images are images are copyright protected and you get yourself into some trouble by using those images.

You can listen to the full episode below for all our tips on finding quality stock images – it’s only 2 minutes!

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Show notes: Today we talk stock images and mention a few sites where you can find some great stock pictures. I provide my personal tips on picking a perfect stock image for your company’s digital marketing use and shares a tip on subscription vs buying images via credits.


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