If you’re not actively building an email subscriber list, you’re making a huge mistake. An organically built, and highly engaged subscriber list is one of your biggest assets.

For years, we (marketers and business owners) spent so much time and effort building a following on websites like Facebook and Twitter. And here we are shelling out marketing dollars to reach those fans and followers, which sucks!

And while there is a cost associated with email marketing (writing the content, creating graphics and for the email platform) it’s still an incredibly cost effective way to reach people.

You can listen to the full episode below for all our tips on how to build an email list – it’s only 2 minutes!

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Show notes: Email still trumps the majority of digital communications. On this podcast episode, we share a few tips on how to grow (or even begin) building an email list for your small business. Liz will also share with you a few things to avoid when building your email list.


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